BISP Kafalat Announces New Payment of Rs 10500 for Poor People April Update

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If you reside in Pakistan, chances are you’re familiar with the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), a crucial initiative aimed at aiding the country’s underprivileged. Through BISP, various forms of assistance are provided to those in need, offering a lifeline to many families across the nation. This article brings forth a significant update regarding BISP Kafalat program, announcing a new payment of Rs. 10500 for eligible beneficiaries. Whether you’re already enrolled in the program or considering registration, this update holds vital information for you.

New Payment Announcement

The latest development from BISP Kafalat brings a ray of hope for impoverished individuals across Pakistan. Effective immediately, the program has increased its payment amount to Rs. 10500. This increment reflects the government’s commitment to alleviating poverty and supporting vulnerable segments of society. Beneficiaries of the program can now access this increased amount through nearby cash centers, offering them much-needed financial assistance to meet their essential needs.

For Existing Beneficiaries

If you’re already enrolled in the BISP program, you’re entitled to receive the new payment of Rs. 10500. Simply visit any nearby cash center to withdraw this amount. This enhancement in payment aims to empower beneficiaries, providing them with additional resources to improve their quality of life.

For individuals who haven’t yet registered for the BISP program, now is the opportune time to do so. By signing up, you gain access to vital financial support from the government of pakistan. The registration process is straightforward and ensures that eligible individuals can benefit from the program’s offerings. Here’s a concise overview of the registration process:

Steps to Register for BISP
1. Visit the nearest BISP office or access the online portal.
2. Provide necessary identification documents (CNIC, proof of income, etc.).
3. Fill out the registration form accurately.
4. Submit the form along with required documents.
5. Await confirmation of your enrollment in the program.


The announcement of a new payment of Rs. 10500 under the BISP Kafalat program is a significant step towards uplifting the socio-economic status of Pakistan’s underprivileged population. Whether you’re an existing beneficiary or considering enrollment, this update underscores the importance of accessing government support systems to improve livelihoods and foster financial stability. By availing yourself of this opportunity, you contribute to building a more inclusive and equitable society. Take action today to secure your place in the BISP program and unlock the benefits it offers.

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