How to Get BISP Kafalat Program 15500 New Payment

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Finally, the government of Pakistan has released the amount of Kafalat Program 15500. If you have completed your registration and are eligible under the Kafalat program, you can receive your money. In this article, you will be given complete details about how to get the money. Apart from this, there is complete guidance within this article for those whose accounts have been blocked. If you want to get complete details of how to get BISP Kafalat Program 15500 New Payment, then keep reading this article completely.

BISP Kafalat Program

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is an aid program initiated by the Government of Pakistan to provide financial assistance to poor and deserving people in various ways. People belonging to deserving classes can get financial assistance by completing their registration under this program. If you have not yet completed your registration process, then this is your golden opportunity to complete your registration.

Steps to Receive Payment

Below are the steps you need to follow to receive your payment under the BISP Kafalat Program 15500:

1.Ensure you have completed your registration under the Kafalat Program. If not, complete the registration process as soon as possible.
2.Check your eligibility status on the official BISP website or by visiting the nearest BISP office.
3.If you are eligible, ensure your bank account is active and linked with your BISP registration. If not, visit your bank to activate or link your account.
4.Wait for the official announcement regarding the disbursement of payments. Payments are usually made through bank transfers, so keep an eye on your registered bank account for incoming payments.
5.Once the payment is received, ensure to check the amount to verify if it matches the designated amount under the Kafalat Program 15500.
6.If you face any issues or discrepancies regarding your payment, contact the BISP helpline or visit the nearest BISP office for assistance.

What to Do if Your Account is Blocked

If your account has been blocked and you are unable to receive payments under the Kafalat Program, follow these steps to unblock your account:

1.Contact your bank to inquire about the reason for the blockage of your account.
2.Provide any necessary documentation requested by the bank to unblock your account.
3.Once your account is unblocked, ensure to update your information with BISP to resume receiving payments.
4.If you face any issues during this process, seek assistance from the BISP helpline or visit the nearest BISP office for guidance.


Receiving payments under the BISP Kafalat Program 15500 is a straightforward process if you have completed your registration and meet the eligibility criteria. Follow the steps mentioned above to ensure a smooth payment process. Additionally, if you encounter any issues such as blocked accounts, refer to the provided guidance to resolve them effectively. The Kafalat Program aims to provide financial assistance to those in need, and by following the outlined steps, you can benefit from this valuable support initiative.

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