How to Receive New Payment of 31500 in BISP Kafalat Program

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The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Kafalat Program, initiated by the Government of Pakistan, has recently increased its payment amount to 31500 after three months. This enhancement aims to provide more substantial financial assistance to eligible recipients. To assist individuals in accessing this support efficiently, this article provides a comprehensive guide on the registration procedures and steps to receive the new payment.

Registration Procedures

To qualify for the enhanced payment under the BISP Kafalat Program, individuals must undergo a registration process. The following steps outline the registration procedures:

  1. Fill out the Registration Form: Applicants are required to fill out a registration form accurately. Providing correct information is crucial for eligibility assessment.
  2. Documentation: Along with the registration form, applicants must submit the necessary documents to verify their eligibility. These documents may include proof of identity, proof of residence, and income details.
  3. Submission: Once the registration form and documents are completed, applicants can submit them through designated BISP centers or online portals.

New Method Registration

The Government of Pakistan has introduced a new portal to streamline the registration process for the BISP Kafalat Program. Here’s how individuals can register using the new method:

  1. Access the Portal: Visit the official BISP website or the designated portal for registration.
  2. Registration Form: Fill out the registration form available on the portal with accurate information.
  3. Verification: After completing the registration form, ensure all details are correct before submission.
  4. Submission: Submit the registration form through the online portal.

Upon successful registration, applicants can expect to receive a confirmation SMS within 24 hours. This SMS serves as confirmation of eligibility for the program. Beneficiaries can then proceed to receive their aid money promptly.


The new payment amount of 31500 in the BISP Kafalat Program offers significant financial assistance to eligible individuals. By following the registration procedures outlined in this article and utilizing the new registration method introduced by the Government of Pakistan, applicants can ensure their qualification in the program and receive the aid they need. Accessing this support can provide crucial financial relief to those in need, empowering them to meet their essential needs and improve their quality of life.

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